Book Reviews

Dennis Lloyd - Had such a profound and wonderful afternoon with the author of this book  his is a must read - it is a powerful story of GODs protection and favour of gotgo moments in life and grace - this a great great man and dear friends story needs to be told to the world Please invite him to your church and school gatherings this may never end on a bookshelf it needs to be passed on MARK soooooo proud off you - you come a longgggggg wayyyy

Vuki Dlamini – Maaaaaan Mark, this book is talking to me! A few chapters in and I'm inspired.  Get yourself a copy and read about this real life story of courage and fortitude.

Denzile Reddiar- I was waiting to finish my exam to dive into this book. This book was my break from my studies, it resonates so deeply with so many of us. Written with so much wisdom and transparency. I drew so much faith and encouragement from this narrative. Today I can finally get back to it! 👏👏👏 Thank you to the author Mark Ramsing for being an incredible source of inspiration and wisdom. I'm honoured to have my personal copy autographed and even more blessed from the imprint on my heart💙💙💙! So I'm finally going to finish the book. I honestly believe that those fortunate enough to have the wisdom to get a copy of the book, it will be one of the best investment you can make in yourself psychologically and spiritually. So it's Game On time for me! #GameOver 2 #GameOn ! #Wisdom #Faith #SpiritualDevelopment !!!!

Viggie Sewpersad – I would like to appreciate and salute Pastor Mark on taking us readers on this insightful and profound motivating and challenged journey that you have embarked on.  Pastor your biography/book has inspired and motivated me in many ways. You humour coupled with pain sent shivers down my spine wow.  Your story Man of God is so clear and absolutely nourishing to the heart and soul.  I applaud you Pastor.  I thank you for sharing this deep profound family history with many out there.  I personally feel so honoured to have met such an exciting spiritual and adventurous human being.  Your story has deepened my character and trust in Christ.  WOW your story is terrifying and thrilling beyond belief, most of all motivating.  NOW THE CHOICE IS OURS I thank you Pastor Mark May God continue to grant you and your family including your dearest mum the desires of your heart.  To those that didn’t purchase Pastor Marks book I urge you to do so… You snooze you loose. Love Viggie.

Tabea Nong - Good day there. Someone that I happen to know approached me to read Game over to Game On and I must be honest it took me a few days before I actually took the time to read it; I was a bit  reluctant (typical human tendency to judge something before you experience it). And now I'm almost at the end of it and I have not stopped reading it. I travel with it and read it every chance I get.

I just want to say thank you Mark for finding the boldness to share such a touching story as a tool of hope for those who are facing hopelessness. Your story is a living testimony that our God is so real. Your book has blessed me and has been a great source of encouragement that I was actually in need off. God used your book to remind me of the greatest gift I have which is salvation; with it I have everything I will ever need. May God richly bless you and your family; your beautiful wife and awesome children. May you never run short of anything and may your legacy live for generations to come. May God continue to use you as His noble tool. I love you and your wife with the love of God. 

Regards, Tabea.

Avisha Huriechuran - Awesome book. A must read awesome book. A must read

Sharlene Ramnath & Krishenthren Kistasamy- Just finished reading the book, absolutely loved it, I related to so much of it, made me teary eyed a few times. It's got me thinking and praying....