Sticks and Stones will break my bones But Words......

Brush it off, they say. Don't believe a word they say. Words have no power you just have to be strong.

Growing up I had to constantly listen to the words "You are an "F" up and will never achieve anything. For decades I was convinced that this was true, especially when I did not win at something of I didn't get that job of promotion. I had to constantly prove my worth and find validation by the opinions of others. When I set my hands to something and did not succeed I had a plausible excuse. I would tell myself that, perhaps the reason why I can't succeed is the truth that "I'm a @%#$ up...

I learned that words can make you or break you. I would rather have every bone in my body broken than wish the pain and sorrow of being told that I am not good enough. These words begin to rule your decisions, choices, and actions and stop you dead in your tracts.

You have a choice to accept the abuse or reject it. You see when we identify the constant attack on our character as abuse we will realise that there is a perpetrator and this is a form of violence against you. Just like a physical attack eaves you bruised and battered so does a verbal attack only this time the scars are on the inside and nobody can see them like the physical scars. Slowly you withdraw and become recluse and then the depression and self loathing sets in.

Remember you don't deserve to be broken down by anyone. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, priceless. Don't allow another person to destroy your worth by breaking you down.

Tell me your story of what you have faced and how you have overcome the power of negative words and remember "Life and death is in the Power of the Tongue"

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