We must understand that the residual affect of COVID 19 has equally impacted lives across
the globe. Many of our children are present during the stressful adult conversations and as
we all know children are impressionable .
There is a new normal for our vulnerable children, who must adjust to unusual behaviors that
goes against the very essence of being a child. How do you tell a child that they cannot hug
their friend, that constantly washing their hands is necessary, that wearing a scary face mask
is to protect them.
Most children believe in super heroes and mythical creatures , as fairy tails have been told for
centuries. It captures their imagination and takes them into a new world of exciting
This is how we help our children learn.
But why a book?
Because not all children have access to televisions, internet connections or any form of digital
devices, especially the poorest of the poor.
Distributing this book to as many children as possible will help them believe that they too have
an important role to play in helping prevent the spread of the Corona virus and can be Junior
Super Heroes too.

COVI 19 Busters

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